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Solar Panels on Small Flat Roofs

There are two main types of mountain kit for installing solar panels on flat roofs. One of them (Renusol Console +) is bucket shaped devise that supports one panel per bucket and is weighed down by gravel that is put into it before the panel is installed, the other is a mounted system (K2 D-Dome) which provides optimal surface utilization and yields for roofs with limited ballasting options.

Renusol Console +

Installation of photovoltaic systems on flat roofs and floors


The CS + is suitable as a mounting solution for PV systems on flat roofs and open land, especially for conversion areas. The CS + is also suitable for small systems with southern exposure on e.g. garages and bungalows.

Penetrative Mounting

The mounting solution CS + ensures the photovoltaic system by ballasting. So the ground, or the elevation surface remains intact.

Easy planning and flexible positioning

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The simple principle of the ConSole (1 ConSole = 1 PV module) allows a free positioning of the individual solar modules in a PV system.

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K2 D-Dome
K2 D-Dome Technical

The D-Dome System is suitable for nearly all types of flat roofs. It is very cheap and quick to install using fewer K2 System components.SAM_0247

  • A system which provides optimal surface utilisation and yields for roofs with limited ballasting options
  • Short rail system – cost-optimised for storage and transportation
  • Aerodynamically optimised and tested in wind tunnel
  • Quick and easy handling – adapted to the workflows on a construction site
  • Reliable system for all roof condition

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