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NeeoQube Lithium-ion Batterys


neeoQube is a completely new modular lithium-ion energy storage unit for coupling with photovoltaic-, wind- and hydro-powered systems. It stores the energy that is currently not required, is easy to install, and can be individually extended in the neeoRack and neeoSystem versions. The result is the economically optimized operation of your supply system.

Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

The battery technology incorporated into the neeoQube and neeoSystem uses a unique combination of lithium-ion chemistry, low-impedance cell design and specialised manufacturing processes to give performance advantages over other available technologies.

The automated manufacturing process of the cells ensures the highest level of consistency and reliability of each and every cell produced. It is this advanced manufacturing process, combined with nickel manganese cobalt chemistry that ensure precision stacking of electrodes giving the neeoQube and neeoSystem battery cells lower heat generation and improved long-term battery life.

Charging Rate

Thanks to the advanced lithium-ion cell design the neeoQube and neeoSystem have extremely quick and efficient charging rates. When coupled with a 5Kw system, a neeoQube can charge its 5.5 kWh of battery storage in as little as one hour of sunshine.

Product Life

Developments in lithium-ion cell technology, coupled with advanced battery management systems guarantees longevity in all Akasol products. Both neeoQube and neeoSystem include a product life of up to:

  • 5,000 cycle
  • 20 year service life
Usable kWh RRP Your Price*
4.4 kWh £9,625.00 £7,695.00

*Installation Guide prices are indicative, subject to survey and may vary considerably from these guide prices

  • Environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery technology
  • Service life up to 20 years
  • High cycle life at high currents
  • Unrestricted partial cycling – no memory effect
  • Fast charging: fully charged in 1 hour
  • Technology tested by automotive safety standards
  • Efficient and silent operation due to fanless cooling
  • Ventilation, winter mode or service charging not required
  • Integrated protection fuses
  • Integrated battery management
    – Deep discharge protection
    – Voltage- and temperature monitoring
    – Charge balance between the cells
    – Determination of the charging and ageing status (SOC and SOH)
  • Developed according to German industry standards (DIN)
Voltage 48 V
Capacity 106 Ah
Energy 5.5 kWh
Cycles** 5000
Power nom. 5 kW
Power mas. (10 s) 15 kW
Protection class IP 50
Possible operation range 0° to +40°C
Max. humudity 85% non condencing
Power Connection 2 screw terminals 35 mm
Efficiency battery up to 98%
Voltage range @ 48 Vnom 37.8V to 58.8V
Dimensions (W D H) 45.6 cm x 28.2 cm x 45.6 cm
Weight 62 kg

**@ 80 % DoD and 1C

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