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Monitors + Monitering

Why do you need to monitor?

  • Your system is expected to produce a certain amount of power during each month. A solar monitoring system can tell owl-intuition-pvyou if your system is off line or if it’s not performing as expected and run diagnostic programs.
  • Solar monitoring systems can also be educational, showing you how much power you’ve saved, how much CO2 you’ve saved, and how much money you’ve saved.
  • Depending on the monitoring systems, you can access your information from the web, from a wall mounted-device, or even from your iPhone or other mobile device.
  • Monitoring systems are usually an extra expense, whether as a monthly service or purchased up front. While not essential, they do make troubleshooting and system performance easier to see.

How does a monitor work?

120516-SOL2-Design2-02There are 2 ways of monitoring

  • LED reader which is a devise that gets stuck onto the front of your meter and measures how many times it blips
  • Consumption sensor which attaches to live cables one from the grid and one from your inverter

You can almost think of it like growing fruit and vegetables. When you grow the produce you can consume it as you are growing, but if you don’t have enough than you need to but some from your local supermarket. If you are growing too much then you wouldn’t let it rot, you would invite someone round do that you can eat more of it. wattsonThis is the same with solar panel systems. Except you do not know if you are producing more than you need, but with a solar PV monitor you are able to tell if you are producing more than you need and at that point you can use more electricity by turning on the washing machine or the dishwasher so that you can use up the extra power that you are wasting.

  • OWL Intuition-PV
    Allows monitoring of the PV generation, export and overall consumption of a property with solar panels…
  • Wattson Solar Plus
    The display layout of the Solo PV is designed to simulate a car dashboard. The Solo PV comes with a colour, backlit screen…
    Displays electricity generation and usage. The simplest device on the market that monitors and displays electricity consumption and generation on the same unit…
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