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The next generation of immersun are now available. Making heating your water with you PV solar panel system even more affective.

We have a wide range of different panels, see for your self and choose the best one for you.

There is is perfect inverter for every person why not try and find yours, have a look at them.

This is a way of heating your water while you are out of the house, why not find out more. To find out more about it click here.

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Immersun is the new way to heat your hot water while you are out of the house. When you are in the house your solar PV system will be sending the electricity to your shower, kettles, lights, TV etc. However when you are out of the house your not using the electricity so all the electricity that your solar panels are making is going back to the grid, but with the Immersun it will take that electricity and use it to heat your hot water so you come back to your house with lots of hot water ready to use.
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