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Retro-fit Home Energy Storage system for only £6995 inc. VAT

Package includes:

PowerRouter Unifit Battery Manager

To retrofit your energy storage system.

The PowerRouter Unifit is a revolutionary universal retrofit device. It is compatible with any inverter to upgrade photovoltaic, wind or co-generation installations to a storage system.

  • nedap_powerrouter_unifit-3Universal retrofit unit
  • Compatible with all inverters for solar, wind or co-generation systems.
  • Energy management
  • Dynamic feed-in limiter
  • Online monitoring
  • Backup power feature
  • Connection of 48 Vdc lithium-ion batteries
  • Two output capacities: 3.7 or 5.0 kW

2 Solax Lithium Batteries  + Cabinet to store them in

Fastest ROI

  • Larger charging pipeline consumes all energy generated by PV
  • Deeper DoD to save and use more energy
  • Increased lifespan ensuring high cost effectiveness

Designed for home usage

  • Smaller footprint, superior aesthetics, minimal maintenance
  • Modular design for easy installation and product swap
  • Temperature sensitivity, can be put indoors or outdoors

Safety first

  • Multiple layer protection method to ease any current/voltage/
  • temperature risk
  • Intelligent BMS reports alarms in real time
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