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Batteries, Revolution Energy Storage Solution!

New Revolution of home energy storage, cost of home energy storage (batteries) is nearly on parity with grid pricing. We expect sometime in 2015 home energy storage will become cheaper than buying electricity from the grid. The Revolution is here!

What can Home Energy Storage systems do?

Reduce your energy billakasol_neeoqube

A key benefit of energy storage is to reduce peak-usage charges on your electricity bill. Some utilities offer Time-of-Use rate plans in which the price of electricity varies based on the hour of the day. Rates are higher during the afternoon when electric demand is at its “peak” across all utility customers.

A home energy storage system may help you save more money by drawing power from your battery instead of from the grid during higher rates peak hours. You can then recharge your battery during lower rate, off-peak hours.

Be prepared for anythingRolls_flooded_battery

Your battery system will provide your home with power if the utility grid goes down—such as after an earthquake or other natural disasters. A fully charged battery provides enough energy for your essential needs during an emergency.

  • Make sure you don’t lose all the food in your fridge during a power outage.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones, news, and emergency response when you need

    it most.
  • Not being in the dark can make an emergency situation safer and less stressful.
  • Ensure any systems protecting your home and property are up and running.

Lithium-ion BatteriesHoppeck_lead_acid_batteries

  • Easy to shape,
  • Lighter,
  • Does not loose capacity when not fully discharged,
  • Small discharge rate.

Lead Acid Batteries

  • Cheap,
  • Powerful,
  • Easily rechargeable,
  • High power output capability.

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